Police Attack on Protesters at Eagle Square

On the third day of the #occupyNigeria protest occupation at Eagle Square Abuja, at around 1:30am, as the protesters were about to sleep, we were attacked by hoodlums holding clubs and bats. They rushed into the camp and started beating us, they throw many people over the ditch and chased us out of the camp. All the while the police officers stationed directly opposite our camp watched as we were beaten mercilessly and did nothing.

We rallied and organized ourselves and returned to the camp. We managed to apprehend one of the hoodlums who attacked us. As we were asking him questions, the police officers came with their guns pointed at us and asked us to hand him over. We agreed, trusting that the police would investigate. The policemen took him to their camp opposite
ours, where one of the protesters overheard the hoodlum saying he was a police officer. The hoodlum was gently escorted to an unmarked vehicle (we have been seeing numerous vehicles we believe to be the SSS) and drove away. We protested and screamed at the police that the man was a criminal, but no attention was paid to us.

NOTE: In the video, after the protesters were attacked and ran we can here the hoodlums saying they should load our equipments in a police vehicle (showing that either they were sent by the police or they are police officers in civilian clothing). One of the attackers looks at the laptop while holding the stick he used to beat us, he’s illiterate face is captured by the webcam.

Watch the Attack on #occupyNigeria


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