#occupyNigeria Demands Strategy

– Protesters Pled
It follows the demand (1) and (2) in the “Collective Declaration”. It is non-negociable and without this we will not listen or debate with the Government.

– Reinstatement of Fuel Subsidy
The demand (6), simply returns fuel to N65.00. In the event of this, #occupyNigeria would send a team of negociators (experts) to discuss the adoption and implementation of the remaining demands. In show of good faith, we shall reduce the pressure on government by protesters.

– Independent Investigation (Demand 3 and 5)
We, the protesters alone side government representatives and observers from the international community, shall set up a team “Intercontinental Transparent Expert Team” (ITE-Team) sponsored by the Government to investigate budgets and implementation and the petroleum industry in Nigeria.

– Subsequent Demands
To draw up a strategic political, social and economic plan to crackdown on religious/ethnic crisis and the Boko Harm. A crackdown on Government corruption, the publishing of the ITE-Team report, follow up action on the compensation of harassed, arrested, injured and killed protesters. The absolute enforcement of Subsidy-Reversal and judicial proceedings of fraudulent filling stations during subsidy removal. Prosecution of the Cabal and their corporates in Government. Strategic Plan of Action for Subsidy Removal and Development Implementation in a 10year timeline. Detailed reduction of Government spending and excesses.

NOTE: This Strategy contains references to the “Collective Declaration on Fuel Subsidy”.

DOWNLOAD the Collective Declaration on Fuel Subsidy

This is merely a draft and we welcome editions from all Nigerians. It’s a collective declaration and needs collective contribution.


5 responses to “#occupyNigeria Demands Strategy

  1. excellent work! here are two points (one small, one big) arising from the draft:
    (i) “exactly a 2.17% increase” (graf 1) — should delete the decimal point
    (ii) somewhere it should be mentioned that Jo.na’s 2012 New Year Ambush was ordered by the IMF. most 9ja people remember that the country’s decline really got going when IBB sold out to IMF. today, the faces of the IMF zombies have changed, and it’s GEJ and NOI (updating OBJ and NOI), but the issue remains the same: 9ja people are dying under financialization. the whole world is waking up to reject this neoliberal dictatorship.

  2. deceleration: announced that gasoline would have a marginalized price of N141.00/Litre ($0.89/Litre), which was formally N65.00/Litre ($0.41/Litre). This is exactly a 2.17% increase in the price of fuel”

    65 to 141 is a 217% increase not 2.17%!! and it is not EXACTLY 217 because it is actually EXACTLY 216.923076923077% – unlike the government lets put our fact and number right

  3. “They announced that gasoline would have a marginalized price of N141.00/Litre ($0.89/Litre), which was formally N65.00/Litre ($0.41/Litre). This is exactly a 2.17% increase . . . ”

    It is not a 2.17% increase – that would be relatively small! It is a 117% increase (i.e. a 2.17 TIMES increase).

    • Just to confirm, having seen the two comments above mine, that the increase IS 117% NOT 217%. (When something doubles in prices, it is a 100% increase not a 200% increase.)

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